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Arto Lauri Investigation FISSIO

Arto Lauri 68. The FISSIO


FISSIO~Pretty Good Notes

"arto speaking in video"..............
[me speaking].............
(ref data).....................

Intro - TVO (Finland Govt Owned Television Network)
Hires 30 CI@ CyberWarefare Hackers
Arto has been Hacked, feels intrusions are excessive
Describing it ..."exceptional drastic attacks"
[remember, free speech, including free speech on the
internet, are supposed to be protected by Finnish Law]

FISSIO "this will be a truly remarkable video"
1 simulation of the events on mar14 2011
at Fukushima Daiichi Unit3 &
2 experiment with Halide Lamp providing
parallel data to Unit3

Arto Lauri Youtube Videos

Arto's Videos ~ Halide Lamp Studies
26. Fukushima Lie
28.Plasma Tubes
59. Metal Halide Lamp
60. Metal Halide Lamp 2

(Background Data
GE Mark1 PCV Operating Temp 286C max 300C
@ 2500-2800C Fuel Rods begin to melt....
Melting Point of the PCV is ONLY 1500C
PCV Data World Nuclear

Average Nuclear Power Plant Contains 17.5M Fuel Pellets
These pellets are placed inside a long tube/rod of
Zirconium cladding ~ Melts @ 1855C, 3371F
Pellets apx 1cm long contain Ur, Pu, & .......

Pu ~ Melts u@ 639C, 912K, 1183F
Pu ~ Vaporizes/Boiling @ 3235C, 3508K, 5855F

Zirconium Cladding is .3mm thick
Egg shell .44mm
....Halide lamp .45mm
............Plain paper .1mm)

Think of each fuel pellet as a closed fist residing
inside the "glove" of the zirconium clad tubes....
protected by the "back pressure" of PCV
IF the Reactor/PCV(primary containment vessel)
maintains correct and consistent atmospheric
pressure (amp) no problems should exist...

"But! Overloading the Reactor(CV)!?"

[PCV is apx 1M lbs of strongest alloy steel
the size of a battleship set on end
see man at left on very top of the CV
note CV lid at bottom of pic]


Arto has slo-mo vid of the U1 & U3 explosions
it shows clearly the emergence of the Pu Plasma
"like a cavitation bubble" as the pink, yellow light
you see in the 1st frame of this pic....

He discusses in detail the drama that day at U3
How the cavitation bubble collapses into the
"optimum, supercritical, round ball"....

Then, almost at the speed of light tons
of Pu239 Plasma GAS exploded in a nuclear event
releasing the massive black plume and destruction...

( Plutonium Escaped Fukushima as a Gas)


Further research, Arto discovers historical vids &
documents that prove they have always known and
always expected these NPP's to result in catastrophic
future scenarios...He provides the data in this video...

Arto Lauri 69. SL-1 SL-2 Sep2'14


Arto Lauri 72. Spallaatio Fuel


(Study Links.... Plutonium WP
Unbound Medline on Plutonium & ....
Plutonium Transitions at Ordinary Temps
Thermal Expansion of Plutonium Breeder Reactors
Running Out of Pu238
Status of Pu239 in Japan 2014
Nasa 211 Plans for Cavitation Induced Fusion)


Arto Lauri 79. FISSION BOMB




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