"it's what they're always doing behind our backs....
they're killing every living thing......"



The poles are melting, the seas are rising......
The bees are missing, the frogs are deformed.....
The fish will be gone soon, alcohol in the gas tank..

Speaking equals punishment.

Evidence has it that the united states has waged
nuclear war on the nano technology scale!
They call the killer DEPLETED URANIUM [DU238].
Depleted Uranium is FREE. US Govt gives it away.
Primary targets destroyed during Gulf War I and II,
with Yugoslavia and Afghanistan as secondary targets.
DU sits all over the planet wherever the US has
used it for target practice such as Puerto Rico,
Hawaii, Nevada.
There is NO form of protection and NO method of
Any living cell will treat the nano particle as
food, self radiate and die a gruesome death.
DU has been carried to remote locations by wind
and rain destroying life unmitigated.
It's EVERYwhere.
The primary souce of attack on humans is the DNA.
Entering any cell in the human body the nano
particle emits radioactive alpha particles with
activity in the beta and gamma regions as well.
DU will emit these radioactive particles for all
eternity, literally forever, even after the host
has died.
Each particle destroying the DNA blow by blow.
Unfortunately the physical nature of the weapon is
INDISCRIMINATE, that means it kills every living
thing without prejudice.
DU ignites at room temperature between 3000-5000 F.
Naming the substance "depleted" was a deceptive tactic.
The name suggest it is no longer radioative.
That's right. It's a trick. DU is living hell!
Here is the document that specified the parameters
and applications of this use of depleted uranium.
Manhattan Project Memo dtd 1943.
They knew they would kill their own soldiers along
with the enemy. They knew it would result in future
contaminations of their families and communities.
They have killed all species of living things.
Professional literature boasts how proud they are
to announce the last stages of 4th Generation DU!
The Invisible War part 6


Depleted uranium Dirty bombs...
Radio Broadcast-interview
World Uranium Weapons Conference

Here is one example of depleted uranium !
Army accused of using depleted uranium in Hawiaii
US Army admits Depleted Uranium usage in Hawaii

...a National Sacrifice Zone, Indiana USA

"In Jefferson County, Indiana, the Pentagon has
closed the 200-acre proving ground where it used
to test-fire DU rounds. The lowest estimate for
cleaning up the site comes to $7.8bn, not including
permanent storage of the earth to a depth of six
metres and of all the vegetation. Considering the
cost too high, the military finally decided to give
the tract to the National Park Service for a nature
preserve — an offer that was promptly refused.
Now there is talk of turning it into a
National Sacrifice Zone and closing it forever.
This gives an idea of the fate awaiting those
regions of the planet where the US has used and
will use depleted uranium."

"Don'T DrinK the WateR"
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Do yourself a favor
watch this video IMMEDIATELY!
... Sr Rosalie Bertell Phd...
[Windows Media Player]
Seminar Pre-Global Warming

after you find out about this you will probably decide
to MOVE TO MEXICO.......

Depleted Uranium in the Human Body
by environmental epidemiologist Sr Rosalie Bertell, Phd, Grey Nun

Rosalie Bertell Website
International Institute of Concern for Public Health
Biographical Sketch: Rosalie Bertell


Dr. Rosalie Bertell
before the Unites States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Dr. Rosalie Bertell
Use of Depleted Uranium in Kosovo as Chemical and Radiological Warfare

Book - Metal of Dishonor

PoisonDust Website
Poison Dust Part 1
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Depleted Uranium Source Page

continuing with Sr Bertell's studies quite interesting

Owning the Weather Part 1
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Sr Rosalie Bertell Phd - Snoeshoe Documentary Films
Depeted Uranium in the Human Body
Make Visible What's Happening
Background on the HAARP Project
..."The project is likely to be 'sold' to the public as a space shield
against incoming weapons, or , for the more gullible,
a devise for repairing the ozone layer."
IICPH works by Dr Rosalie Bertell Phd
..."We know we face extinction if another nuclear war ever begins.
We Face the same extinction even if the bombs never fall.
The production alone of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons is
initiating the death crisis of our species."
Victims of the Nuclear Age
..."Up to 1,300 million people have been killed, maimed
or diseased by nuclear power since it's inception."


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