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Arto Lauri speaking and excerpts from movie...

Image - Chornobyl Mutated Christmas Tree of the Red Forest.

You are going to see something really incredible.
I will present you with some of the first live images
from the Chornobyl Incident. They are news releases
from the day of the disaster and interviews with
responsible persons. Keep an eye out for what i will
point out to you! Here we see a helo spraying
something on the area.

Chornobyl VID...

From the sky helo's drop tons of a sticky liquid dubbed
"BurBur", a mixture that coagulants and plasters the
radioactive dust to the ground. Meanwhile brigades of
"Liquidators" are put in charge of cleaning up the zone,
house by house, removing the layer of radioactive dust that
covers everything."


I'm not an expert on Chornobyl.
So much has been said of it has been "over saturated".
In the context of similarities with Fukushima I was able to
draw similar conclusions from a ridiculously small about of
data. This discovery forced me to pursue this presentation.

You see from this first video clip that the use of
CHEMTRAILS to mediate a radioactive event was
already in place and used at Chornobyl.
THat is to specify that in 1986 at Chornobyl Chemtrail
technology was used to mitigate the disaster.
The use of ChemTrails is to mitigate the radioactive
particles. Why is this so difficult for people to observe
and accept the origins of this technology. Like pieces to
a puzzle, the Chornobyl event is very revealing.
Why all the obscure, mystical interpretations of ChemTrails.
What could be difficult to understand?

In the video you will see how bodies of radiation represent
the nitric acid. Even the radioactive clouds are an example
of this application.

I will point it out to you. These video pictures are
authentic materials of our history. Take a look!


The devastation caused by Chornobyl is well known.
But the full story of the massive effort to contain the
disaster has never been told. More than half a million
soviet men and women risked everything. And thousands gave
their lives in a desperate struggle to avoid a far greater
catastrophe. A second explosion 10 times more powerful than
Hiroshima that could have wiped out half of Europe.
This is the heroic, tragic story of the Battle of Chornobyl.

Friday April 25th 1986.


Less than 2 miles from the city the Vladimir Lenin NPP
where several thousand people go to work each day.

176 employees of block 4 had been asked to take a test on
the self fueling system of the reactor. Something that could
save energy. At 1:23 am security systems are deactivated
and the experiment begins. A series of detonations go off
in the core of the reactor. While Pripyat city sleeps
peacefully the floor of the reactor begins to tremble.
The 1200T cover of the reactor suddenly blasts into the air.
An ultra powerful stream of vapor releases uranium and
graphite over hundreds of yards around the plant.
From the gaping hole a spray of fire charged with
radioactive particles and fusion shoots more than 3000FT
into the sky.
[Arto points to the very straight stream of particles
arising thru the gaping hole of the reactor.]

The most serious nuclear accident in history
has just taken place.

Mikhael Gorbachev Speaking...
In the middle of the night, early in the morning,
around 5am, I was told there had been an accident
at the Chornobyl NPP.

The first firemen on the scene handled the fire without
proper protective gear. They poured tons of water on this
strange fire but nothing seems capable of putting it out.
THey're all exposed to lethal doses of radiation.
2 men die that night, 28 will die in the next few months.


I pointed out the Tesla Pylon emitting from the gaping
hole in the reactor building. Take a look at this next
picture. It shows well, this Tesla Pylon.
This radiation ION cloud streaming directly into space.
Some incorrectly describe the column as being concrete.
Concrete always falls in.

It is an incredible experience to study these historic
photos. With such evidence, how is it, that the IAEA
continues with it's lies. Now since Fukushima, IAEA has
been implementive in the silencing the people of Japan
thru censorship.

But these videos have survived and will show us the facts.


These are the first victims of Chornobyl.
[Arto points out, in the daylight, the massive
radioactive stream of particles.]

By early morning the radioactive cloud already rising
3000Ft into the sky. A photographer, Igor Govski,with
the news agency Novoste and a helo pilot who offers to
fly him over chernobyl that morning.
All the photog knows is that something happened at the
plant during the night. He is the first journalist to
witness the gaping hole.

Helo Pilot Speaking...

Over there the 4th building that's destroyed. Higher.
There! Film that. There where the smokes coming out.

Igor Kostin Photog Movosti Agency speaking...
when we flew over the block4 I opened the window of the
helo. I didn't realize what a big mistake that was.

The thin translucent smoke he sees rising from the ruins is
in fact highly radioactive. Kostin is one of the few first
early morning reporters on the scene to have survived
serious exposure to radiation. This is the first picture
ever taken of the breech.

Kostin speaking...

When i went to process my pictures i noticed that the
negatives were black. The colors very poor. I didn't know
it yet, but the photos had been exposed to radioactivity."


At the core of the reactor buried beneath 50 ft of rubble
the graphite surrounding the nuclear fuel burns and melts
the uranium. The combined radioactive fallout will be 100X
greater than that combined from the two atomic bombs
dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Look at this picture for a little more detail.
As you can see, here we have such wonderful areas.
I am amazed.
Such wonderful yellow green areas?
I studied this pic a long time.
At first i wondered if that was the grass?
But i found, lo and behold, this is clearly a structure.
Here, too, the obvious water of the shower and bar graphs on
the site also.
Coloring is a GASEOUS!
What else is this besides the radiation ions finding the
nitric acid gas, typically. My previous video discusses an
experiment with the Tesla Oscillator. We discovered the
process of these things involving nitric acid gas.
Absolutely amazing to see it here in the Chornobyl pics.
This is all unbelievable proof.
Studying for Olkiluoto [NPP Finland] we were taught about
the temperature requirements for certain activities.
Specifically we studied the China Phenomena.
THe "Myseterious" temperature of the molten magma at
max of +3000C. A huge story of lies and misleading.




Fact is that Uranium reaches boiling temperatures +4131C.
China Phenomena occurs around +5000C.
Imagine, the lies of the Nuclear Industry.
These are systemic lies over a period of time.
How do they manage to lie about the most basics physics.
It is quite unbelievable to study these historic flims.

Here you can see the NASA footage 144d Uranium fuel when
scorched from the inside. More 144d in the middle is the
material blown off as gas from the middle.
Now that we know what causes evaporation.
Normal uranium Rod returns to the inside +5000C.
This result in the CHina Phenomena ALWAYS!


OK We're ready! Let's go!
On the 3rd day of the disaster Soviet General Nikolai
Antochki sends helos there to fight the blaze and put the
fire out. In those days radioactivity was measured in units
called Roetgens. Normal levels would be about 12/millionths
of a Roetgen. General Antochki is shocked by what he finds.
His instrument only went up to 500Roetgens...
the needle was going crazy...
off the scale...
and i think there were at least 1000Roetgens at the height
of 200meters. Even at that altitude, just a half hour of
exposure could be leathal. THe strong current of
radioactive material streaming up from the reactor makes
it impossible to get closer. They will have to improvise
some way of carrying out their mission. Something needed
to be done as quickly as possible. Put out the fire and
seal up the reactor to be able to get close enuf to do
other work. It also needed to be close up to stop the
radioactive dust from spreading. It was getting blown off
by the wind. We really needed to act fast.
The gigantic ballet begins.

Top pilots are being flown back from the Afghan front to fly
helos carrying soldiers who will toss 175lb sand bags into
the blaze with their bare hands. They hope to smother the
fire by filling the reactor with tons of sand and boric acid
which neutralizes radiation.
The first day 110 sorties.
The next 300.
The radiation over the reactor is over 3500Roetgens.
Almost 9 times the lethal dose.
Some of the pilots make up to 33 flights in a single day.

Gen Speaking...

Each time they went they received up to 5 or 6 Roetgens.
AFter the sorties my soldiers would go wash up and decom>
After a while they'd start throwing up."

Since the crisis began radiation victims had been sent to
hospital 6. It has the country's only service that
specialized in accute radiation sickness and illnesses
linked to massive doses of radiation exposure.
The initial symptoms of radiation sickness, nausea,
vomitting and diahrea, followed by a latency period.
It's only later that much more fatal symptoms appear.
Such as deterioration of bone marrow and burns that eat

flesh down to the bone.

Doctor Natlia Nadejina
Doctor in Nuclear Medicine
Hospital Number 6 speaking...

when they first arrived it was very difficult psychologically
speaking. They came first from the airport, almost all of them
were young, but they arrived during the latency period. They
were all dressed alike and wearing the same pajamas and were
all making jokes. But we already knew that a lot of them were
going to die.
47 of them died quite quickly.

It goes to Great Britain and spreads into Greece.
In Chernobyl the level of radioactivity continues to climb.
6000T of sand and boric acid have filled the hole.
But under this gigantic plug 190T of nuclear fuel is still
burning, giving off incredible heat that is melting the sand.
On the surface of the plug, cracks begin to appear.

Gen Nikolai Antochkin AirForce Speaking...

Once we plugged up the hole the temperature started to rise.
We were afraid because it could have caused another explosion.
For sure it was terrifying. Scientist came to take readings.
They were worried, afraid the critical temperature would be
reached and it would set off a second explosion.
That would have been a terrible tragedy.

The immense slab below the reactor core is heating up and in
danger of cracking. The magma is threatening to seep thru.
The water the firemen poured thru the first hours of the
disaster has pooled below the slab. If the radioactive magma
makes contact with the water it could set off a second explosion
even more devastating that the first. The countries top experts
are called into action.


[visiting his grape garden]
I like to visit this grape garden and observe the beginning
sprouts of the next years grapes.
[Arto is forshadowing the birth of a lie, not the truth.
That it will be planted and nurtured thru time, thru history.
That the great lies told from the very beginning are expected
to distill thru time and distort the minds of those using it.]

You can see why these videos will always be monitored.
They have always told us the Olkiluoto NPP can never explode.
Studying these historic videos of Chernobyl incident we see that
in 1986 the 400KG of Uranium was directly responsible for the
event, mixed with the graphite neutron retarder.

In the middle a little bit of water...
...results in an outgoing bomb!

Russians feared a resulting 6 MT explosion and it would also
result in a nuclear cloud. Yes this is pretty unbelievable.

How much of the IAEA is all lies and tricks.
In this ways they FERMENT history with their false stories,
news, and videos.

I am in the right about these things as i see evidence from
Olkiluoto that is directly similar to the data we are studying
here about Chornobyl.

Quite imcomprehensible.
Exactly how we are constantly hidden and silenced.
Take a look at this next point.


Vassili Nesterenko Nuclear Physicist speaking...

It had managed to crack the cement slab. It would require only
200kg of uranium/graphite mixture to set off a new explosion.


Our experts studied and determined that the explosion had a
force of 3-5 MT, which would have meant that 350 miles of
Chornobyl would have been raised,...
and Europe rendered uninhabitable.

Gorbachev speaking...

We had to stop the process.
If it continued it would have been an enormous disaster,
An enormous nuclear disaster.

This second explosion would have been accompanied by a massive
shock wave and an explosion that could have claimed thousands
of lives in a matter of hours.

Scientist speaking...

Thank god it didn't happen. There were trains with thousands
of cars from all the major cities to evacuate the population.

The situation is critical.
In Moscow the state decrees 2 emergency measures.
1st Send in a battalion of firemen to drain the water
from beneath the reactor.
....They will later be declared national heros.
.....But will suffer from radiation sickness
the rest of their lives.

2nd Seal the breech more effectively to bring the
temperature down once and for all.


Made by Arto Lauri 05.2014 FIN


Battle of Chornobyl ~ 1hr33m





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