"it's what they're always doing....
behind our backs !?"

"they're killing every living thing....!




Sir Roger Penrose
Before the Big Bang

Complete Law of the Universe
Sir Roger Penrose


Helen Caldicott BERLIN 2011

NO TEARS ~ Caldicott, Wertelecki

Helen Caldicott ~ A CIA Operation

Helen Caldicott ~ FUKUshima March 2011

Helen Caldicott Foundation

NUCLEAR Free Planet

UN LETTER, Caldicott & ...

Crisis Without End
Ed.Helen Caldicott


Arto Lauri ~ CHERNOBYL

Arto Lauri ~ Ultimate POSIVA

Arto Lauri ~ FISSIO

Arto Lauri ~ Rivers of HADES

Arto Lauri FUKUshima Events Oct14'13


Mitsuhei Murata - End all NUCLEAR

CHERNOBYL Catastrophic Consequences
PDF Download


Yoichi Shimatsu on FUKUshima Aug26'13

Yoichi Shimatsu Update FUKUshima Jan614

Yoichi Shimatsu Update FUKUshima Apr'14


Dr Rosalie Bertell ~ Hague Peace Conf '99
GulfWar Veterans & DU


Depleted Uranium



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